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Card colours & quality

We try to be as eco-friendly as possible here at Little Bird Invites. All of our stationery and packaging uses recycled paper and card.

The card is high quality recycled card which has a thickness/weight varying between 270 to 300gsm, depending on the colour of the card. The envelopes and insert paper weight varies between 90-100gsm, depending on the colour. The recycled content is 100% for all colours except Ivory, which is 75% recycled.

Due to the nature of the product some of the card contains some small flecks, this is not usually noticeable; the pictures displayed here are magnified and therefore they seem more apparent.

The standard colours of card we use are white, ivory and kraft ribbed brown, with envelopes that match the colour. These have proven to be the most popular.


The white card offers a clean crisp finish to any of the products. The ink colours stand out and zing on this card and if you want an exact replication of your chosen colour this is the card to choose.


The ivory card is a soft off white colour and gives an elegant finished product. The printed colours are slightly more muted than printing on white card, but the colours are still clear and representative of the chosen colour.


If you want a rustic or natural finish then the kraft ribbed brown card is a good choice. The printed colours are much more muted than printing on the white card; the colour will still be representative but if you choose similar colours with only slightly different variances the differences you are expecting to see may not be so obvious.

Other coloured card is available as shown below. This coloured card is not kept in stock so may cause a delay in printing until the requested stock arrives (although this is unlikely as the card will be ordered during the design process to allow time for delivery). The colour of the ink may appear on coloured card slightly differently to what you may expect, this is obviously dependant on the colours chosen, so please bear this in mind. Please call us if you want any advice.