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How to make DIY Belly Bands

After adding some pretty new papers for you to print I thought I would add some more ideas on how you can use them.

We offer belly bands on all of our wedding stationery collections, but they are pretty straight forward to make yourself, so here is a how to make your own DIY belly bands.

What you’ll need:

Version 2

1. Belly band template. Click one of the following links to download an appropriate template that matches our standard or large sized invites:

2. Paper or card for your belly band. You could use one of our coordinated papers or you could use some pretty wrapping paper, or anything that suits your mood.

3. Scissors or paper cutting guillotine.

4. if you are using card then it is best to use a card scorer to make a neat folded edge. If the cards is thin or you are using paper then this may not be necessary.

How to make your DIY Belly Bands:

Step 1

Pick the correct template size for the invites you have. Our templates are intended to be printed onto an A4 sheet, this means that they will only fit the small, standard and large invites. You need a larger sheet of paper to create the belly bands for our square invites, e.g. A3.

With your prepared card or paper in the printer, print out your template onto the reverse of your paper/card, i.e. you want to print on the back and not the front.


Step 2

Cut out your template by following the dashed lines marked with scissors. You should be able to make 7 liners per A4 sheet.


Step 3

The next step is to fold the belly band so that it wraps neatly around your invite. The dotted lines running perpendicular to the 6 dashed lines are your fold markers. This means the gap between the two lines should be big enough to cover the front of the invite.

If you are using card then the best results are obtained if you use a card scorer. You score on the reverse of the card, hence the markings being on the reverse, and this then gives you a nice crease on the front.

diy-bellyband2 diy-bellyband5

You can of course just fold your card or paper on the fold lines, but if the card is thick you often get splitting of the card on the front which doesn’t look very professional.

Step 4

Wrap the belly band around your stationery and stick the ends together on the back of the bundle.



And there you have it, it is as easy as that!

I have used the Spots paper for this Script Tease invite bundle.

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