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How to make pretty DIY label tags

These pretty papers have inspired me to find lots of things you can use them for. Here is the next instalment – DIY label tags.

Pretty DIY  label tags

You can of course buy your label tags but why not make them coordinated with your invites, especially as they are really easy to make.

What you’ll need:

DIY label tags1

1. Label tag template. Click the following links to download a template that should give you 24 tags per A4 sheet:

2. Paper or card for your label tag. You could use one of our coordinated papers or you could use some pretty wrapping paper. Card is better than paper, unless it is a thick paper as otherwise it will tear really easily when you tie them to your invites.

3. Scissors or paper cutting guillotine.

4. A hole punch.

How to make your DIY Label tags:

Step 1

Download the template. Our templates are intended to be printed onto an A4 sheet of card or paper.

With your prepared card or paper in the printer, print out the template onto the reverse of your paper/card, i.e. you want to print on the back and not the front.

Step 2

Cut out the tags from the template by following the dashed lines marked with scissors. You should be able to make 24 label tags per A4 sheet.

DIY label tags - cut

Step 3

The final step is to punch a hole in the area marked with a circle.

DIY label tags - invite

And there you have it, it is as easy as that!

I have used the Festival paper for this Festival invite bundle.

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